Bangaluru- First Indian City To Have A Logo

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka is the IT hub of India and also known as the Silicon Valley and Garden City of India, is one of the fastest growing city in India. Apart from historical importance and rich cultural heritage of Bengaluru, it also serves as a home for various IT giants and educational and research institutions. The city has marked its presence once again by becoming the first Indian city to get a logo of its own. The State Tourism Minister Mr. Priyank. M. Kharge launched the official logo of the city at the famous Habba Festival on December, 25th 2017 to develop Bengaluru as a brand.  Although the logo “”, consists of the name Bengaluru, it gives an essence of Kannada dialect and provides “Be” and “u” in red color as a stand out feature. It also acts as a tag line which gives a hidden meaning that is the freedom to be yourself, whatever one wants; said the creative designer of the logo Vinod Kumar.

International Scenario

The practice of creating a logo for a city is not a new one and internationally many cities have been making the logos from past long time, the famous New York’s 40 year “” logo has been very popular and has been acting as a brand. Bengaluru has joined the list of numerous Worlds famous having their own logos that get a city, a worldwide recognition which aids in promoting tourism and brings economic benefit to the country. Few cities included in the said lists Melbourne, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, LasVegas etc.  Such logos have helped these cities to grow financially, culturally and socially.

The Bengaluru logo seems to be created taking the idea from already existing city logos internationally such as Berlin’s logo  “” and Amsterdam’s “”, which focuses on the letters within the logo.

Importance of a Logo of a City

The logo can be protected under the Intellectual Property laws of the country and it can be registered under the Trademark Law or the Copyright Law depending upon the content of the logo. Registration grants a strong protection against any unauthorized use of the mark. The growing trend of developing city logos also marks the importance of Intellectual Property. The logo of the city not only provides a unique identity to the city which can be termed as ‘city branding’ but it also helps in promotion of tourism and business. Also, as marks can be represented anywhere even on small goods and can be recalled easily, they have an addition advantage of reaching globally unbridled by boundaries which enhance the image of the city.

Author: Ankit Chaudhary, intern at IP and Legal Filings and can be reached at







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