Vendor Agreement

Having a vendor contract in place is of extreme importance for any business owner, be it the owner of a corner store or the one having a multi-million dollar business, as it documents the terms of the agreement with a buyer. A Vendor Agreement is an agreement in which a business owner, or individual, hires someone to provide products and/or services. Vendor Agreements can cover a variety of areas including software, office supplies, professional services, consultants, technology services, event planning, marketing and much more. Our team of professionals are well versed with all factual and legal scenarios that are primarily required to engage in drafting a sound Vendor Agreement.

What Is The Process?

1) Understanding the requirement of both the parties, Vendor and the Vendee.

2) After this, a discussion will take place between the Vendor and the Vendee to finalize the terms of the Vendor Agreement.

3) After a thorough discussion between the parties, a contract will be drafted by our professionals. Then it will be given to the parties to review it and once the parties approve it, the Vendor Agreement is finalized.


As it can be appreciated, time taken for contract drafting depends largely on the complexities of the subject matter covered. But on an average, we conclude the process within 2 to 4 working days.

Details Required

1) Details of work that the vendor will complete.

2) Payment terms and terms of indemnity.

3) Details of insurance in the event of loss.


1 Does the vendor agreement need to be registered?

There is no formal requirement for getting a vendor agreement registered, signing the agreement meets the requirement for enforceability.

2 Is notarization along with a stamp duty required?

Notarization is not necessary, the signatures of both the parties suffice. Stamp duty on the agreement varies from state to state.