Employment Contracts

A formal understanding is the most important form of document for any prospective employee or employer. The understanding formalized as an agreement may include a full-time or a part-time arrangement. To encapsulate the entire extent of this understanding, the employment contract works as a legal document which includes all the rights, duties, responsibilities and employment terms and conditions. It forms the legal relationship between the employer and the employee. Everything which is written in the contract is legally binding on both parties. The type of contract depends on the employment status of the employee. This contract will be drafted, complete with pension benefits, employee’s salary, holiday entitlement, sick leaves, etc. and other specifications as may be needed. Clear terms and conditions along with being sure of the objective of a written understanding in the form of a contract is extremely necessary for both the parties as adjudication upon the same becomes clear and less ambitious in case of a litigation.

What Is The Process?

1) Understanding the requirements of both, the employer and employee and the position which is being offered to the employee.

2) Negotiated terms, if any.

3) After the discussion between the parties a contract will be drafted by our professionals. It will then be given to the parties for review and will be finalized on approval.


As it can be appreciated, time taken for contract drafting depends largely on the complexities of the subject matter covered. But on an average, we conclude the process within 4 to 7 working days.

Details Required

  1. Graduation proof record (as needed).
  2. Age proof.
  3. Other documents as required by the employer and as stated in the contract.


1 What elements does the contract includes?

The contract will include the Commencement Date, Work Duration, Trial Period, Details about the Pay, Employee’s Duties, Pay Period, etc.

2 Which court is to be approached in case of breach of contract ?

The court which will have jurisdiction in the area in which the place of employment is located.