Contract/Agreement Drafting

Building a business with a lot of hard work without putting terms of business on record through contracts can land you in disputes later. Litigating disputes at a later stage with the assistance of an attorney is costly, time-consuming, and therefore consulting Counsel at an earlier stage to get the agreement drafted/ vetted is surely a more logical option. Costs incurred on Contract Drafting are investment expenditures for which parties to contract get the benefits over a period of time to come, possibly by avoiding litigation. In case of litigation, clear setting of terms through contracts gives the right to aggrieved parties to try the suit in the court of law. As contracts form an integral/fundamental part of commercial litigation, the terms of the contract must be fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure that the intentions of the parties are covered by the contract.

Drafting a contract that leaves the least potential for wilful misinterpretation of law requires skills gained over years of experience. Several disputes have arisen between parties with respect to jurisdiction & applicable law, commercial terms, termination clauses, IP ownership, confidentiality, technology transfer, turnkey transactions, distributorship, force majeure, etc. Our team of experts are well aware of these disputes and can ensure that the contracts are drafted while taking into consideration the latest position of law.

Through our dedicated team with specialisation in International Sales, Commercial Agency, Confidentiality, Distributorship, Contracting, Subcontracting, Technology Transfer, Trademark Licensing and Turnkey Transactions inter-alia, enable our clients with end-to-end solutions and all necessary support in a timely fashion, in order to comply with the legal formalities to commence their operations/ conclude their deals and at all times ensures that their business interests are safeguarded.


What Is The Process?

Understanding Requirement

Understanding the modus-operandi and subject matter from the party/ies forms the first step of the contract drafting.


After receiving the write up from party/ies, a detailed discussion takes place between the counsel and party/ies.

Writing & Review

Experts write a comprehensive agreement based on write up and detailed discussion, and share with the party/ies for their review


Agreement/Contract is finalized after necessary iterations.


As it can be appreciated, time taken for contract drafting depend largely on the complexities of the subject matter covered. But on an average, we conclude the process within 7 to 10 working days.

Details Required

Each Agreement/ Contract would require its own specific documents , Kindly get in touch with us for details.


1 What elements does a contract draft contain in general?

Though each contract differs from other in terms of the contents, following things usually form the part of the agreement:

  1. Description of parties
  2. Description of consideration
  3. Duties and termination
  4. Dispute & Settlement
  5. Remedies
  6. Arbitration
  7. Jurisdiction
  8. Signatures