Privacy Policy

The law makes it mandatory for the owners of the E-Commerce businesses to make their privacy policy. This agreement is made between a website/App operator and its users. It determines how the operator will use, collect, keep, share, and protect the data that the user shares with the website/App. It is a very important document as it makes the users feel secure while they are using a particular website or App. Privacy Policy is your disclosure statement. It is used to inform your website visitors of just how protected their personal information is when they visit your site/App. In fact, many sites have been taken down completely due to misinforming consumers about how that site uses their personal information. Although you may mean well by posting the policy, you need to ensure that it completely represents your company in order to keep yourself from facing legal problems in the future. Our team of professionals are well versed with all factual and legal scenarios that are primarily required to engage in drafting a sound Privacy Policy.

What Is The Process?

1) Discussions ensue to make sure that provisions are in place to protect the privacy of your client/user as per law and other policies like the GDPR, and make your operations compliant.

2) After keeping all these things in mind the privacy policy should be drafted and finalized by the organization through our expert.


As it can be appreciated, time taken for contract drafting depends largely on the complexities of the subject matter covered. But on an average, we conclude the process within 2 to 4 working days.

Details Required

1) Information about what personal data will be collected from users.

2) Purpose of collecting the data.

3) How the collected data will be used.

4) How and why the website (and/or third parties) are using the cookies.

5) How a user can opt-out of having cookies placed on your device(s).


1 Where is the privacy policy published?

The Privacy Policy is usually published at the footer of the website along with the terms and conditions and contact information for better accessibility by the user.

2 When do entities maintain privacy policy?

Privacy policies are usually maintained by entities that run a website, an e-commerce business, a blog or other platforms wherein personal data may be collected by their users/clients.